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Preconception Care Program

A beautiful journey should be taken with much preparation.

A beautiful journey demands careful planning. Pregnancy is one of life’s most precious experiences, and with our carefully designed program, we are able to guide our clients in their reproductive years to have a healthy pregnancy that produces healthy outcomes for both mother and child.

Our preconception care program offers  biomedical, behavioural and social health interventions  together with counseling to enhance the health of both women and men before pregnancy to improve health outcomes for baby and mummy.


Who needs PCP

  • Every woman in her reproductive age who desires to conceive in future.
  • Every man who plans to have babies in future.
  • Women who have had previous unsuccessful pregnancies.
  • Couples who are trying  to conceive


What we offer

Biomedical Screenings and counselling

It is important for you to know these before you decide to have a baby, so we have taken the initiative to provide them for your benefit.

  • Screening for Genetic Conditions
  • Infertility/ Sub-fertility
  • Sexually transmitted infections
  • Vaccine preventable diseases
  • Human Immunodeficiency Syndrome


Comprehensive assessment and counselling ;

There are certain habits, attitudes and actions  that may negatively affect a person’s ability to conceive, have a healthy pregnancy and ultimately have a healthy baby. This program helps to create the perfect condition for a woman to enjoy both a healthy pregnancy and baby.

  • Nutritional state
  • Mental health/ psychological state
  • Environmental health
  • Tobacco and alcohol abuse
  • Psychoactive substance abuse

Our Preconception Care Program is made up of a  diverse team of midwives, Obstetrician/Gynaecologists, Psychologists, nutritionists, relationship counsellors and biomedical scientists who are ready to assist you with their expert service for your desired benefit.

      We aim for healthy mummies & healthy babies!